The Story & Intent

Miranda's Story

Miranda began her journey in service industries at 17 years old. Starting out in a spa in London, Ontario where she performed relaxation massages, hair and aesthetics. She was lucky enough to be hired right from a high school co-op class and never looked back. In 2011, she returned to school for registered massage therapy. Attending D'arcy Lane Incorporated, a private school solely devoted to massage therapy education and obtained her RMT license in October of 2013. After much debate she left the spa to join a multi-modality clinic called the Health Network. The Health Network had over 20 registered massage therapists, 2 chiropractors and 1 physiotherapist. This clinic provided treatment to motor vehicle accidents, WSIB, and general injury/maintenance patients. After 5 years it was time for a change. Miranda joined a team of veteran massage therapists in a Downtown London spa called the Renaissance. The Renaissance gave Miranda the opportunity to maintain a more attentive relationship with her clients. At the same time she also worked at Always Smooth Spa as the only RMT on staff. Both of these clinics offered unique and compassionate care to their clients.

In 2019, Miranda met an experienced RMT named Sue Ruhe. Her specialty is in John F. Barnes myofascial release. As Miranda got to know Sue, she quickly realized how important this work was, not just to learn but also to receive treatments. Sue and Miranda spent many hours giving and recieving treatments from each other. They also worked on a few choice clients together. This unique style of training allowed for very thourough feedback and fast paced expertise. This technique is extremely effective in treating fascial restrictions. If the fascia is restricted in your body it can feel like a "straight jacket" with up to 2000 lbs of pressure. As you can imagine, this amount of pressure on your body can be extremely restrictive and damaging. Learning from Sue was life changing for Miranda. Sue's continuing encouragment of Miranda's personal growth and professional development has helped her to have focused goals, overcome her fears and truly believe in her skills.

Now, upon moving to Arnprior, Miranda is excited to announce she is opening a modest clinic of her own. After enjoying having such a personalized relationship with her clients in London, she has decided to take it one step further. She has always wanted to be able to give more time and energy to her clients. Over the years she has experienced many injuries and truly understands how this can effect day to day living as well as your general sense of wellness. Miranda offers a collaborative space for healing and she believes that "No one knows your body like you do". She enjoys client feedback and believes the only way to help the healing begin is by thorough communication of your symptoms. Miranda invites you to come to the clinic early, move at a slower pace and truly allow your body and mind to heal. The clinic is supplied with books, cozy seating, coffee/tea, and mats to rest/stretch/meditate on before or after your massage.

"I pleasantly await your visit to my clinic and look forward to meeting and treating you. I am very grateful for your support in my new business."
- Miranda